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Compression fitting

The compression fittings and accessories (bicone fittings) are made entirely of copper or a copper alloy. The compression ring is not split. They are only permitted for connecting copper pipes with an external diameter up to and including DN28. The nominal size of the fitting must be identical to that of the pipe to which it is fitted.
The compression fitting should have two stop collars. These prevent excessive deformation of the copper pipe and ensure that the ring is parallel to the pipe axis after it has been fully tightened.
The swivel nut has to support the pipe, starting from the compression ring, over a useful length equal to at least 0.7 times the outer diameter of the pipe.

Compression fitting gas Compression fitting water/heating = FORBIDDEN with gas!
Gas knelfitting knelmof water
Reinforcement sleeve: 
This is placed inside a wico tube (copper on coil), over which you place a gas compression fitting.
Reason: copper on coil is too soft




Reinforcement sleeve for soft copper pipe 12 mm.

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Reinforcement sleeve for soft copper pipes 15mm.

€ 0,63

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Reinforcement sleeve for soft copper pipe 22 mm.

€ 1,10

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