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Our manifolds are all for heating or plumbing. Except for the underfloor heating manifold that can only be used for heating. 

A small overview of the manifolds and accessories. This way, you don't have to search our entire range. 
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Which manifold for sanitary facilities?

With hot water, we mainly look at speed. By this, we mean that I want hot water at the tap quickly. When I wash my hands, I want to be able to do so with hot water, preferably while I'm washing my hands and not afterwards.
A diameter that is too large will result in more water and longer waiting times. You should also take the heavy consumers into account. These should get enough water, as well...
Calculation starts with which faucets should be able to be opened at the same time. E.g. shower mixer, kitchen tap and a washbasin tap.

15l/min+ 7l/min + 5l/min = 27L/min -> Main pipe 26mm (rain shower)
7L/min + 6l/min + 5L/min = 18l/min -> Main pipe 20mm (standard shower)

16mm 16l/min ½” 18l/min 15mm 12l/min
20mm 20l/min ¾” 33l/min 22mm 28l/min
26mm 40l/min 4/4” 52L:min 28mm 44l/min

We only lay a 20 mm pipe where more than 16l/min is needed. Nowadays this is hardly ever the case....

  1. The manifolds should be placed at 40 and 60 cm from the finished floor or ceiling.
  2. The multi-layer pipes are installed in batches of six for stabilisation of the screed.
  3. It is easiest to lay the main pipeline to the boiler in Alpex as well, because there is little space under the boiler to construct everything.
  4. With underfloor heating and radiators, we need to place an air vent on the manifolds. This can be done with the end pieces for manifolds with a drain and a vent. A good air vent has a connection of 1/2". After all, air bubbles need space to escape.

Source picture: FVB

Which manifold for heating?

For heating, we need flow, so a 3/4" manifold is often too small. For heating, we usually use 4/4".

What diameter pipe do I need for the main pipe:

Temperature difference 20mm 26mm 32mm
5°C 4Kw 6Kw 11Kw
10°C 8Kw 13Kw 22Kw
15°C 12Kw 19Kw 33Kw
20°C 16Kw 26Kw 44Kw

Which pipe to the radiator?

With 16mm max 2500W at 10°C difference
With 20mm max 4000W at 10°C difference