Shower tray 80x120
Shower tray 80x120
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The shower tray is rather a better variant for a tiled walk-in shower. With the shower tray, you can avoid complicated tiling with two-dimensional drainage.

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The shower tray is not a shower tub and therefore has no buffering capacity. Always ensure that there is sufficient drainage capacity, taking into account the shower head and water supply. The shower tray is a better alternative to a tiled walk-in shower. With the shower tray, you can avoid complicated tiling with two-dimensional drainage.


  • Always use a piece of cardboard for transport and storage.
  • Check the shower tray for damage before installation
  • The installation must be performed by a certified installer
  • Because of the weight it is recommended to work with 2 persons
  • Use a siphon with euro standard diameter 90 mm
  • Shower mats can damage the Newforce surface.
  • Take a height of 35 mm into account when installing.
  • Depending on the available height, the shower tray can be placed in or on the floor, with or without a tiled base.
  • Provide a 50 mm drain pipe with sufficient gradient and as few bends as possible.
Attention! On the drain side, the flat border is 15mm. This is almost always too low for a shower door. It is therefore best to place the shower tray with the drain side against the wall.

Recommended installation

Directly on the screed
  • Ensure that the entire surface of the Newforce shower tray rests on the screed.
  • The screed should only have a recess for the siphon and drain.
  • Lay the screed completely level in all directions.
  • Install the Newforce shower tray perfectly level
  • Seal all sides with elastic sanitary silicone.

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